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secure server certificate URL Best SSL Server Certificate Providers (for less)…If you have questions about which SSL server certificate provider will work best for your business and customers then the following questions and answers I had will make the decision easier.

Shoppers are smarter about online security.  They look for the secure padlock icon and “https” URL in the address bar of their browser before surrendering personal information online. If your Web site doesn’t secure transactions via. a recognized certificate authority (CA) , they may leave before buying, creating an account, or even signing up for a simple newsletter.

I used to think,  “Aaah, most online shoppers don’t even know let alone look for a server certification prior to checking out. ..of course I was wrong.”

Using an SSL Certificate to secure your online business indicates that their personal information is secure and that don’t need to worry about doing business with you. They will clearly see that you are a secure and trusted website.  Displaying High Assurance SSL certificate seals or trust logos has proven to increase consumer confidence thus preventing ‘buyers remorse’ during check out.  In fact, an IT research firm  (Gartner, Inc.) found that 15% of online shoppers in the U.S. worry about online security fraud to the point that they won’t shop online at all.

Global market research firm Synovate conducted a recent survey to show that 62% of their respondents look for the lock and key icon in their address bar or SSL certificate authority logo before pulling out their credit card.

“Conveying trust is the main reason why you need an SSL server certificate for your website.

How Does a SSL Server Certificate Work?

It secures the connection (via. SSL encryption technology) between the customers browser and your web server.  Doing so your customers are assured that their credit card number, email, and other personal information can’t be intercepted, forged, or tampered with.

Which Provider Offers the Best SSL Server Certificate?

When I was shopping for SSL cert’s it seemed everyone had an opinion as to who was the best certificate provider.  It can get confusing.   What I see now is s a lot of newer providers out there jumping on the SSL bandwagon that haven’t proven themselves long enough.   I’ve created a lot of e-commerce sites and have endured a lot of headaches with cheap providers.

“I have the same philosophy with picking an SSL provider as I do picking a web hosting company.  My philosophy is that they’re both ultra important components to your online business.  If you get cheap up front with either it can get very expensive down stream.

The big guys simply have evolved and have pro active support and business systems to not just make your problems go away,  they’re better at making them never even show up.  So, not surprisingly with web hosting I favor HostGator and  Entrust or VeriSign for SSL server certificates.

“The bottom line is these guys issue certificates that comply with more browsers, are readily recognizable by more online shoppers, and provide more client support systems that work fast and smart. What more do you need?

How Can I Create a Cheap or Free SSL Server Certificate?

I don’t advise going cheap for reasons above.  I wrote a whole post on free server certificates.  You can display the best SSL server certificate in the industry on your site for less below.

I review most SSL providers out there… I REALLY like this one —> SSL Server Certificate

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 How Does Entrust SSL Certificates Compare to Thawte Server Certificates?
Thawte and Entrust are two of the major powerhouses in the realm of SSL certification. One might say these providers are the SSL certification authority of authorities. Both companies have flourished by, giving customers what they need: a full range of SSL certification options that are budget friendly.

As such, Thawte server certificate packages and the Entrust SSL certification plans are somewhat similar. However, there are subtle variations between the two companies that can make a not-so-subtle difference to users, even at the most basic level. So, it is definitely worth examining both companies before deciding which is the right fit for you.

Doing a side-by-side comparison is fairly pointless – the two companies vary in so many aspects that it would just be a confusing mass of information. Rather than just looking at a bunch of numbers and statistics it’s more beneficial to look at the broader picture and what that means for their customers.

In truth, Thawte and Entrust take very different approaches to SSL server certification and it shows in almost all aspects of their SSL certification packages.

Taking the absolute broadest view, both SSL certification authorities can be summed up by comparing two major characteristics: variability and affordability.

“Thawte server certificates can be viewed as something like the old man in the SSL certification authority neighborhood – rigidly inflexible, set in its ways, not prone to dazzle or excite, but certainly reliable. On the other end of the spectrum is Entrust SSL certification, the new kid on the block – open to a wide range of experiences, up-to-date with the latest trends, and very competitive.

When looking at a side-by-side comparison, the thing that stands out most about Thawte server certificates is how very homogenous they are. There is not an incredible amount of variation between the Thawte server certificate package levels. All Thawte server certificate plans come with one domain and no sub-domains (except the Wild Card plan, which has unlimited domains). They all come with the same OCSP and CRL support, international domain names acceptability, and 128 – 256 bit encryption.

The main differences in the Thawte server certificates is the increase in authentication level starting at lowest with the standard Thawte 123 SSL certificate package to highest with the Thawte SSL Web Server Certificates with EV. The biggest advantage to using Thawte is the pricing. Thawt’s basic 123 SSL certification starts at $149 per year and package pricing goes up from there – though you can get it for much less by getting reissues (for instance, the SSL 123 package is $85 for one year here:  Thawte server certificate.

“Thawte doesn’t offer a huge discount for signing up for multiple years or for renewing, but then again they don’t really need to.  Their prices are already very competitive. The disadvantage to Thawte is that their certificates are not as compliant with Safari browsers- in fact, only the SGC Supercerts and SSL Wildcard packages boast 99% acceptance.

Entrust SSL packages offer much more variation between certification levels. For instance, each SSL certification level comes with an increase in the number of domains and subdomains available. Entrust offers free support (with the option to upgrade to platinum level), 128 – 256 bit encryption, and 99% browser acceptance at all package levels.

 How Does Entrust SSL Certificates Compare to Thawte Server Certificates?

Also, the fact that Entrust SSL certificates are trusted by all browsers gives them a distinct advantage over Thawte, as does Entrust’s higher level of transaction warranty. Where Entrust falls behind Thawte is in pricing. Even with multi-year discounts and discounts for renewing, Entrust SSL certification is significantly more expensive than Thawte server certificates. Entrust’s Standard SSL comes with the hefty price tag of $189 for one year.  But that is still substantially less than any VeriSign server cert’s.

“When it comes down to it, both Thawte server certificates and Entrust SSL certificates provide a similar level of security, which is what you want from your SSL certification authority. The decision between the two is mostly whether flexibility or affordability is more important to you.

If you want an SSL certificate that has all the bells and whistles, then Entrust SSL is definitely for you. On the other hand, if you want a functional SSL certificate that doesn’t drain your budget, then you’ll be much happier with Thawte server certificates.

I review most SSL providers out there… I REALLY like this one —> SSL Server Certificate

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